Consent To Kiss

(because safety is sexy)

CTK stands for Consent To Kiss.

In it's simplest form:

  • Ladies: Add the letters "CTK" anywhere in your online dating profile to let suitors know that you expect a first kiss should be asked for, and never forced or stolen from you without consent. You believe safety is sexy.

  • Men: Add "CTK" at the end of your profile to say you are responsible, and that you believe the consent conversation should start long before the bedroom to avoid any feelings of violation.

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Consent to Kiss - Explained

So there you have it!

If you're a woman, you've probably already experiences the horrible violation of an unwanted kiss. If 1 in 5 women in the US are victims of rape or attempted rape... imagine how many women are victims of nonconsensual kisses. In the best case scenario you feel taken advantage of, in the worst case scenario you've just caught covid, which could means weeks of sickness or death to your or your parents you are visiting.

For too long, the most rapey men in the world have perpetuated the idea that grabbing and kissing any woman is manly and acceptable - "she said no, but I know she wants me". It's time to take a stand, and we want your enroll your help! We need progressive people like you to break out of the old mindset - we need creative thinkers to help us spread this message however we can. Just click "I want to help!".

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